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Thanks for your report

Thank you very much for filing a report! 

What will we do with your report?

Before we are able to take any action, we first need to assess whether a company has truly violated the rules. Since we receive a lot of reports, we cannot investigate each and every company about which we receive such reports. Your report helps us choose which companies we need to investigate. If an investigation reveals that a company has violated the rules, we will subsequently decide what follow-up steps are needed. We can, for instance give them the opportunity to rectify the situation themselves. If they fail to do so, we can warn consumers, force the company to stop the violation, or impose a fine on the company.

Will you hear anything from us about your report?

If we have any questions about your report, we will contact you. If you included a question in the report form, we will try and respond to that question within 6 working days. Otherwise, you will not hear from us. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you personal updates about your report. If word got out about what companies are under investigation, our investigations could be jeopardized. After the investigations, we disclose in our press releases, published on our website, the names of the companies that we have dealt with.

On our website and on our social media accounts, you can find out:

  • Against what companies we have issued warnings;
  • Which sectors we are currently investigating, for example, the travel sector, telecom, energy, etc;
  • Against what companies we have taken action.

In that way, you can find out yourself whether your report has resulted in enforcement actions.

More information?

On our website, you can also find information about your rights as consumers. We explain the rules, and give practical advice. We also have sample letters for various situations. You can use these letters to exercise your rights.

If the information on our website does not cover your specific situation, we are more than happy to help you. If you contact us, we will give you free advice regarding your rights and discuss potential follow-up steps. Please keep in mind that we cannot act as mediators. This means that we do not contact companies to find solutions to your personal problems.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.